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True Oil LLC

  455 N. Poplar
    P.O. Drawer 2360  
Casper, WY  82602

Family Owned and Operated since 1953

Tom Walker

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Employment Opportunities
True Oil LLC is a family-owned exploration and production company operating mainly in the Rocky Mountain region with the capability and expertise to explore and operate throughout the United States and other countries.  Our mission is to work safely to increase reserves of oil and gas through drilling and acquisitions, to efficiently produce and optimize recovery of existing reserves to achieve long term profitability, to be good stewards of the environment, and to uphold the good name and integrity of the True Family.



Ideas or Prospects you would like to submit to us?
  Please contact:

Tom Walker

Shane True
Business Director

JoAnn True
Business Development - Special Projects

Roger Barton
Chief Geologist

Boyd Nelson
Land Dept. Manager

John Fanto
Engineering Supervisor

Gary Richards
Production Superintendent - Powder River Basin

Al Zier
Production Superintendent - ND & MT

Wallace Hendricks
Production Superintendent - WY & CO

Tim McCullough
Safety Coordinator

Charles Jozwik
Chief Accountant

Questions about our operations? 
Please contact:


Herb Gochenour
Production Foreman

Clareton Field

Mike Lubken
Production Foreman

Donkey Creek Field

Mark Sisson
Area Completion & Workover Foreman

Delmar Taylor
Production & Personnel Foreman

SW Wyoming

Wallace Hendricks
Acting Foreman


Eastern Montana - Sidney

Mike Iverson
Production Foreman

Utopia Field

Phil Nordstrom
Production Foreman

Breed Creek/Melstone Fields

Mike Wilkins
Production Foreman

North Dakota

Red Wing Creek

Stuart Neer
Production Foreman

Red Wing Creek Gas Plant II

Rob Smith
Gas Plant Manager

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