Equitable Oil Purchasing

455 N. Poplar 
P.O. Drawer 2360
Casper, Wy  82602

 Family Owned and Operated since 1977

 H.A.'Hank' True, III

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CASPER, WYOMING.  PAUL SIVERTSON has been named Operations Superintendent for Equitable Oil Purchasing Company. Sivertson has been with Equitable Oil since 1998, bringing with him a strong marketing background in North Dakota and Montana. He attended college in North Dakota, where he served on the Task Force of the Montana State Petroleum Marketers, and the Montana State Board for Energy Share. Sivertson oversees the purchase and sales of light oil and distillates for Equitable Oil. He earned the Wyoming Mining Association’s “Salesman of the Year” for 2002-03.




  Paul Sivertson
Operations Superintendent

  Rachel Bowers
Sales Marketing Rep 

  Julie Chapman
Chief Accountant


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