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Poplar Pipeline System

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Four Bears Pipeline System

Parshall Gathering System

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Bridger Pipeline LLC owns and operates the Poplar System in eastern Montana, the Four Bears Pipeline System in North Dakota, the Parshall Gathering System and the Powder River System in Wyoming .

Four Bears Pipeline is a new 12" crude oil pipeline serving growing crude production in central McKenzie and Dunn Counties in North Dakota.  The Four Bears System has receipt points at Hwy 23 (Keene), Hwy 200 (Killdeer), Skunk Hill, and Fryburg Stations with delivery to Baker, Montana.  The Four Bears System includes the former Little Missouri Pipeline segment.

Poplar is a 10" and 12" line that moves crude from the eastern Williston Basin south to Baker for further transportation to Guernsey.  Receipt points include Poplar Station in Roosevelt County, Fisher and Richey Stations in Richland County and Glendive in Dawson County.

The Parshall Gathering System gathers Bakken crude oil from over 250 wells in Mountrail County, North Dakota with delivery to Stanley, North Dakota.

Powder River Pipeline is a gathering system with receipts points in central Campbell County, WY and delivery to Rocky Mountain Pipeline at Reno, WY.

Local Pipeline Tariffs

Index of Bridger Pipeline LLC Tariffs, April 1, 2015

F.E.R.C. 26.7.0 Bridger Rules and Regulations, effective 7/1/14

F.E.R.C. 27.4.0 Poplar, Fisher and Richey Stations, MT to Richey Station, Richland Co., MT, effective 7/1/14

F.E.R.C. 28.6.0 Poplar, Fisher and Richey Stations, MT to Baker Station, Fallon Co., MT, effective 3/2/15

F.E.R.C. 29.4.0 Fallon County Fields and Bowman County Fields, MT and ND to Baker Station, Fallon CO., MT, effective 7/1/14

F.E.R.C. 30.5.0 Fields Served by Gathering Segments in Campbell Co., WY to Reno Station, Johnson CO., WY, effective 7/1/14

F.E.R.C. 31.4.0 Vaira to Fisher Stations, Richland CO., MT, effective 7/1/14

F.E.R.C. 32.5.0 North House Creek, Campbell Co., WY to Reno Station, Johnson Co., WY, effective 7/1/14

F.E.R.C. 33.8.0 Parshall Area Gathering, Mountrail Co., ND to Stanley Station, Mountrail Co., ND, effective 7/1/14

F.E.R.C. 36.11.0 Four Bears Pipeline System Receipt Points in McKenzie, Dunn and Billings Cos., ND to Butte Pipeline, Baker Station, Fallon Co., MT effective 4/1/15

F.E.R.C. 37.5.0 Patterson Lake, Stark Co., ND to Baker Station, Fallon Co., Cancelled effective 8/1/14

Belle Fourche Pipeline Joint Tariff F.E.R.C. 123.4.0 Billings, Golden Valley, McKenzie, Dunn and Stark Cos., ND, Fallon, Dawson, Richland and Roosevelt Cos., MT and Platte Co., WY to Ponca City, Key County, Oklahoma and Deep Rock Terminal and Connecting Carriers, Cushing, Payne County, Oklahoma in Connection with Bridger Pipeline LLC and Tallgrass Pony Express Pipeline LLC, effective April 6, 2015


Bridger North Dakota PSC, Supplement No. 1 to NDPSC No. 1 (Belfield – Dodge) Effective 3/1/14

Bridger North Dakota PSC Tariff No. 2 (Rules) Effective 12/1/2011


Bridger Wyoming PSC No. 1 (Rules)

Supplement No. 1 to Wyoming PSC No. 1

Bridger Wyoming PSC No. 2 (Powder River System) Effective 12/01/2003

Application for Connection to Bridger Pipeline

The tariffs shown here are intended to be accurate reproductions of the original FERC or PSC filings.  However, should there be a discrepancy between any information found here and the original documents filed at FERC or the PSC, the originals are correct.

 In case of a Pipeline Emergency or Crude Oil Release, Please call our
  Control Center at 1-866-305-3741, toll free, 24 hrs a day.